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To Parents who suddenly have to Home-School

Most parents do not know how to home-school their children because they never chose to do it nor have they had to consider home-schooling as an option.

I have home-schooled my four children with great success. They have taken their A-levels at the ages between 12 and 14 and have doctoral titles.

I can help you with the wealth of experience I have accumulated so that you, forced to home-school to keep your family safe from Covid-19, can make a success of this challenge.

I have programs and counselling options that you may want to use as a guide during this time of forced home-schooling, which may last for months.

This time is different from any time you have had with your children. It is not a time of holidays where you can go to destinations in other countries or to adventure parks, it is also not a situation of an illness that at any other time would have lasted for a few days.

The challenge now is that you must make sure that your children understand why it is of the utmost importance to continue their academic work and for you to support their learning at home.

To do this well, I offer counselling sessions for parents and also home-school tutoring lessons for your child or children.

Lottie Gaberle Top School Tutoring
Home schooling can be fun

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