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As a rule, if cancellations are arranged 48 hours in advance then the lesson will not be charged for. Last minute emergencies do happen (injured playing rugby!) and will be considered.

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Do I have to pay if lessons are cancelled?

Most often yes. During holidays lesson times can be more flexible. The only exceptions are Christmas and Easter.

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Can You Teach During Holidays?

Of course. Even with siblings Lottie writes personalised lessons for each indivudual so each child gets the attention she/he needs.

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Can you teach siblings?
My child has special needs?

Lottie has most successfully helped children diagnosed with dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism and Irlen syndrome.

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All lessons are conducted at your house. After each lesson Lottie gives a summary to the parents of what has been covered. At any time it is possible to go back to previous lessons to recap the material. Lottie can also advise parents on how to help the child improve most quickly.

Can I review my previous sessions?

School homework is an important part of the tutoring experience because Lottie reinforces that which the children study in school.

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Can you help with school homework?
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