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“She has started to believe in herself. Without the extra tuition my daughter has had to sit her KS2, I do not think she would be who she is now or where she is academically. Her confidence has massively grown, and she has started to believe in herself. Lottie (the tutor) is an absolute credit to this company and we are truly grateful for everything she has done for our daughter. I would highly recommend Lottie to anyone who felt their children needed a little extra help.
Many thanks”

— Lisa Wright (Ashlee’s mum)


“You're the best!”

— Charlie

“To Miss Lottie, I loved this lesson. Thank you very much!”



“A big thank you for all your help and support.”

— Steven, Lisa, Pat


“Thank you very, very, very much! I wouldn't have done so well without you.”

— Mithu


“I love having you.”

— Meghan

“Hi Lottie. Good news- Logan passed!

Thank you for all of your help.”

— Alison Jarvis

“Joe had his maths SATs at school on Tuesday and he came joint top  with two other classmates. He was so excited to tell me when he came out of school yesterday. His success is based upon your hard work and support for him and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Louise


“Henry passed his school entrance exam. Thank you very much for all your help Lottie.”

— Rose


“Charlotte visited her new school today. She will be starting next term thanks to you. We'd love you to come to tea on Saturday.”

— Katherine

From parents in the corona crisis


“Hello Lottie,

Greg and I are so impressed with Rionne as he told us that he was given a cookie reward from his Math teacher because he got the answer right to the equation problem given by his teacher, there were only two of them from their class who were rewarded, thank you so much for your continuous support for Rionne!”

— Mariconne

“Thanks to you Sophia has not fallen behind in her studies, on the contrary: she has learned to do things she could not do before lockdown started. Thank you so much!”

— Lorraine

“Lottie has the patience and the foresight to guide Sophia as no other teacher has been able to do. I trust her completely.”

— Ken

“My daughter has already been moved up a level in her Spellings and Grammar. Two more weeks and she'll be top of the class.”

— Sonia

“I trust you.”

— Angelo

“Thank you for all you have done for the kids this year. Looking forward to the lessons in January. ”

— John

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Students Lottie Gaberle Top School Tutoring Lotte Gaberle

I am Italian and have known Lottie since 2012. Lottie has helped me to prepare for and take my English GCSE, my English Skills Test and to study for my Teacher Training. I passed all exams the first time.

She taught my husband Business English to progress in his career and he is now the head of the local branch of an international company.

Presently she is tutoring my 9-year-old daughter in English and maths.

Lottie sets you very high expectations because her target is to make a student reach his/her full potential and the set goal. She is very punctual, generous with time and very knowledgeable. Lottie is a trustworthy person and always does her best to make students flourish during their learning process. I found the time learning with Lottie very enjoyable and very stimulating. I am now a teacher in a local school and always thank her for getting me here. I couldn’t have done it without her!

— Laura

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